Saturday, March 29, 2008


Financial Assistance

Riding at Miracles Sudan receives no Government funding, as such, we have to be self-financing and rely on donations from individuals, businesses and sponsors to ensure our future. And, providing enjoyable riding in safe and pleasant surroundings does not come cheaply. The Miracles Sudan Riding Centre costs a great deal to run and maintain and although we can cover approximately 10% of our costs through the riding activities of able-bodies, the shortfall has to be met through voluntary contributions, sponsorship, donations and various fund raising activities to expand our existing hippotherapy programme. No profit is made; every penny is ploughed back into the Centre.

Many of our horses are rescued animals and together with careful handling and training they are able to re-build their lives becoming VERY SPECIAL HORSES FOR VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE.

All our riders must wear a hard hat, conforming to safety standards and not everyone can afford to buy their own, so we supply these with each one costing about £40. Then there are our requirements for saddles, numnahs (saddle pads), stirrups, special disability Matrix stirrups, bridles, reins – not forgetting the planting and upkeep of Alfalfa (in UK it is known as lucerne) for the horses, which is widely grown throughout the Sudan as forage for horses, goats, sheep, and is often harvested as hay.

Sponsorship is desperately required for the building of a new stable block, a new tack room, meeting room, storage area, toilet block & shower room and basic housing for the stable boys.

The Riding Centre’s 16 horses and ponies are stabled on site and are cared for by a small number of dedicated staff together with a few volunteers who give their services entirely free of charge, so assisting running costs - the majority of which are:

• The upkeep of the horses and ponies: labour, feed, farrier, veterinary care
• Maintenance of the farm: the arena, yearly resurfacing of the riding arena, and renewal of fencing
• Equipment for both riders and ponies
• Continuous upgrading of the facilities to provide an even better service to the disabled.

There are many different ways that you can help us, including

  • Making a donation
  • Legacies
  • Sponsoring one of our horses or ponies
  • Sponsoring an event or show
  • Funding or providing raffle prizes
  • Funding for horse equipment:

Riding hats – child @ £40 US$80 SDG162

Riding hats – adult @ £70 US$140 SDG284

Saddles @ £170 US$340 SDG689

Bridles @ £20 US$40 SDG81

Reins @ £10 US$20 SDG41

Numnahs (Saddle Pads) @ £15 US$30 SDG61

Stirrups (a pair) @ £20 US$40 SDG81

Stirrup Leathers (a pair) @ £20 US$40 SDG81

Snaffle bits @ £14 US$28 SDG57

Halters @ £10 US$20 SDG41

Lead Ropes @ £5 US$10 SDG20

Disabled Riding Pads @ £25 US$50 SDG101

Matrix disabled stirrups @ £12 US$24 SGD49

Grooming utensils kit @ £35 US$70 SDG142

  • Horse feed:

I x bag grain @ £13 US$26 SDG51

1 x bag bran @ £5 US$10 SDG20

1 x small drum molasses @ £1 US$2 SDG4

1 x donkey cart of Lucerne @ £5 US$20 SDG40

  • Stable/Field Equipment required:

Water buckets @ £0.80 US$1.60 SDG3

Feed buckets @ £2.50 US$5 SDG10

Feed storage drum @ £11 US$22 SDG45

Rake @ £2.50 US$5 SDG10

Axe @ £2.50 US$5 SDG10

Broom @ £2.50 US$5 SDG10

Spade @ £5 US$10 SDG20

(N.B. All the above prices are approximate depending on the day’s conversion rates)


For any further information, please contact Jane-Anne on 0918215592